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Thorough Tests

We put robotic pool cleaners through different tests in order to grade their performance and convenience. We also take into account customer reviews in order to give you a glimpse of how certain pool cleaners might behave after extensive use.

Comprehensive Reviews

The technical specifications of robotic pool cleaners can be quite difficult to understand. We try to make our reviews as concise and as easy to understand as possible, so that you can quickly find the information that interests you.

Accurate Comparisons

Our reviews are honest and unbiased in order to provide you with an accurate comparison between the best robotic pool cleaners. We use the same criteria to analyze all the features of each automatic pool cleaner.

Affordable options

On our website, you will find reviews of both expensive and affordable pool cleaners. We understand that some people only look for cleaning efficiency while others are also interested in convenience features, so we try to help you all find what you are looking for.

Honest reviews

Your trust is important to us, which is why honesty is our main value. We understand that a robotic pool cleaner is a considerable investment and we will try our best to guide you to the best option for your needs. We only recommend products which be believe to be efficient, and we never falsely advertise certain products. just because they are more expensive.

Concise information

Nowadays it can be very hard to filter the abundance of information found online. In order to provide you with a quality browing experience, we try to make our reviews as concise and as relevant as possible.


We always try to improve ourselves in order to offer you the best browsing experience. This is why we welcome your feedback, and we take into account all your advice, in order to make our website as relevant and as user friendly as possible

Free advice

If you don't have time to navigate through the wide sea of options and read several reviews, we can guide you towards the most convenient pool cleaner, based on the type of pool you have (in-ground or above ground), the size of the pool, your pool cleaning needs and your budget.

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